Sunday, November 23, 2008

She's brown and fat, she must be....

I'm an unusual mix - half Filipino, the other a half a mix of Spanish, Native American and Welsh. It confuses people. Strangers have always always asked me ,"What are you?". There's usually some type of office pool when I start a new job. It's disconcerting.
When I was young and skinny, I confounded people. Maybe I was Filipino, but I was too tall (5'7" - yes, I know, not that tall, but as a Filipino woman (Filipina) that is almost Giant status - my mom topped out at 4'11" and a half). Possibly Latina or Hawaiian, something different. I was stopped in bathrooms, malls, people would stare at me.
Now I'm a bit older and a lot fatter. I still get Latina and Hawaiian, now I get Samoan. Samoan? Why Samoan? Because I have brown skin and eyes, black hair and I'm fat? I get it all the time. So I googled Samoan people and then Samoan women. They seem to have the same ratio of skinny and fat people as other ethinicities.
Any explanations?


Michael said...

I don't look half-Chinese, half-Filipino. I just look like... The Chinese kid that went around the world and has never had a home.

It's an even bigger problem when it comes to my accent. I sound sort of American with a tinge of British and a tinge of all these others things. I call it 'Internationalese'.

People who can't distinguish other people's nationalities shouldn't speculate. It's rude and it's embarrassing if they get it wrong (Filipina to Samoan, really?).

I wish you luck in facing these buffoons in the future. Hahaha.


Anonymous said...

Pure ignorance, does it matter? Not in the least. I often get the same here in Brazil, but it's not as racially motivated as your attacks seem to be.


avm0525 said...

It is frustrating that some people feel the need to catergorize others.
I just can't figure the Samoan thing out. Why Samoan? There are other ethinicities with fat, brown people out there.

The Jules said...

It's better when you come from a long line of bastards, like I do. Heritage then becomes something that happens to other people.