Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last Christmas

Looking at my son put out cookies for Santa and setting out celery on the front steps for the reindeer, I realized that this is probably the last Christmas any of my kids will believe in Santa Claus. I know the arguments against letting your kids believe and I know the real meaning of Christmas, but there is just something so pure, so awesome about a little kid believing in Santa and reindeers and elves....I guess, it's the trusting innocence I'll miss.
These days, my girls are so surprised when something I suggest makes sense. Half the time things I say just circle around their heads in pretty little arcs waiting to be stored in the file marked "Mom - no damned idea what she's talking about". To them, I am an ATM and chauffeur and sometime maid and cook.
J still thinks I'm knowledgeable, although any questions about Star Wars are fielded to his Grandpa and Uncle R.


Goldsparks said...

Don’t give up on al that “innocent” - J’s sister M was right in the middle of getting those cookies on the plate and putting the celery on the porch step and Grandpa was the one that wrote the Thank You note from those darn “Raindeer.” Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa! Always will be!

And, Grandpa is always ready to answer those Star Trek questions, but you on your own for Batman, Spiderman and the Hulk!

Shawna Del Real said...

I completely understand. My older son and his cousin were chanting" Santa's not real, Santa's not real" to my youngest son and I just about flipped my lid! I just want him to believe as long as possible because then it seems as though the Christmas magic has disappeared.