Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm the man of the house.

We are a household of women with my eight year old son being the only male - the bonafide underdog. So, me, being the Mom, the older sister, the home owner - it is up to me to me take care of things. When a family of ants decided to move into our mailbox, larvae and all, I was the only one who would go near it. I had to retrieve the mail, spray and scoop out the remains (with my son shaking his head, "Mom, you killed the babies. They didn't even have a chance to live.") Not only did I have to kill the ants, but I had to feel guilty about it too.
When the AC started leaking and it rained in my house, I had to be the one to google "what to do when you have a ceiling leak and you don't want it to collaspe". I even got on the ladder and pinned the string to guide the water into the cooler I had set up to catch the water. What a waste. The ceiling still collasped.
I had to buy the lawn mower and the leaf blower and then I had to teach myself how to use them. I have to prune the trees and spray the Round Up.
It's not all bad though. I did get to paint my bedroom purple and I didn't have to set up the surround sound (even though the house is pre wired). And I can spend whatever I want on decor.


I am what I am... said...

props to you! i tend to have troubles changing a light bulb and hanging a picture up straight!

Goldsparks said...

And who figured out how much rust preventer she needed for her pump? Dad! And put all her patio chairs together because she and E couldn't read the instructions? Dad! And replaced broken light bulds stuck in the sockets? Dad!

She get's help a lot from dear old Dad! Daddy Pleaseeeeee! Yeah sure. . .