Friday, December 5, 2008

Bananas in Pajamas

I attend the local community college five mornings a week. My classes are full of all sorts of graduates trying to save money, middle agers in the midst of changing careers, young, old, rich, poor. There are Jaguars next to the Tercels, Mercedes next to the Fiestas.
People come to class in all sorts of dress. There are those in their Baby Phat or head to toe Volcom. This being Virginia Beach, hoodies and flip flops are de rigueur. Some wear make up, some wear none. A few guys gel and shellac their hair, some don't bother to comb it at all. And, of course, this is college, so a few roll in wearing their jammy pants (Sponge Bob and snowflakes are popular right now) and bedroom slippers, hair pulled in a messy bun, an aura of sleep surrounding their bleary heads.
All very understandable.
What I can't wrap my mind around are those in coordinated sleep wear and pageant makeup. If you can arrange your hair in face framing tendrils and apply layers of black eyeliner, then you can throw on some jeans and a sweater. Even some cute sweats, they have great ones now with sparkles and little pink dogs. If you can match your slippers to your PJ top, then you can wrangle up a pair of sneakers. Or even matching flip flops.


Christine said...

Well that is just to funny, and ridiculous. You are absolutely right. I am guessing they are trying to sheik it up a notch. Oh so many other important things to worry about ……like grades …

avm0525 said...

There are some who don't even bother to take notes. They sleep and text instead. Grades, schmades.

Needsleepy said...

LOL Personally, I would wear PJ pants EVERY! I LOVE THEM!! I am about comfort. If you look in my closet you find that everything in there is comfortable. (except for a pair of shoes or two) I just find that PJ Pants are incredibly comfortable.
In colleg (which was quite a few years ago) I was guilty of wearing the the PJ pants, but I also took the time to put on make-up and put my hair up. I just wanted to be comfortable and look great too! LOL Some of my classes were 3 hours I chose PJ pants over jeans.....It really doesn't make a bad person...I SWEAR!! :-)
Loved the blog! Too funny!