Monday, December 1, 2008

Eight Things.......

Ok....I've been tagged
1. I married young. I was eighteen, not pregnant, and had known my husband to be for two months. We were married for fourteen and a half years and produced three beautiful (and smart) kids together.
2. I am abnormally close to my family. Maybe it's because I am part Filipino, but my family and I are inseparable. It drove my husband mad. My brother is temporarily relocated to South Dakota - we speak or text everyday. My father lives twenty minutes away - he spends two or three days a week at my house. My sister lives with me and has no plans to move out. In fact, we are so close that....
3. My sister and I share the same bed. She has her own room, but we bunk together at least three or four times a week. Granted at any given time, there is at least one or two kids with us and maybe a dog.
4. I can make balloon animals. Monkeys, bears, poodles and giraffes. And dachshunds.
5. Favorite things....rainy days, country music, The Beatles, fuzzy socks, furry Crocs, Skor bars, clean sheets
6. Not so fond of.....peas, cats, people without manners (May I get a "please" or "thank you" every once in a while), having to be the one in the house to kill the spiders, cold feet, mopping floors
7. I have loved only two men in my thirty five years. My high school sweetheart and my Thomas. Well, okay, three, but I don't talk about him.
8. I am a people pleaser. Unless you've made me your enemy. So I will not tag anyone else. But feel free to tag yourself.


Needsleepy said...

LOL Those were great! I soooo hear you on numbers 2 and 3!!! About 40 of my family memebrs live within 30 mintues of each other lol. My family is German least most of them. (reproducing is like a hobbie for them LOL)
My sister (Supermom) and I shared a bed during most of our childhood....and if by chance I sleep over or vise versa, we just slip into old habits :-)We are so VERY close!! It is awesome!